Walking From Sensoji Temple to Tokyo Skytree via Sumida River Walk

Makura-Bashi Bridge (Sumida City) Shitamachi Tours
Makura-Bashi Bridge (Sumida City)

The “Shitamachi Tours” section of the Tokyo Shitamachi Guide features recommended sightseeing tours in Tokyo’s Shitamachi area. Each article focuses on a specific theme and suggests a casual self-guided tour.

This time, our theme is “Let’s walk from Sensoji Temple to Tokyo Skytree.”

Sensoji Temple and Tokyo Skytree are iconic landmarks in Tokyo’s Shitamachi area. Sensoji Temple offers a glimpse into traditional Japan, while Tokyo Skytree represents modern technology.

The Sumida River flows between Sensoji Temple and Tokyo Skytree, and you’ll need to cross one of these bridges to get from one to the other:

  • Azuma-bashi Bridge
  • Sumida River Walk
  • Kototoi-bashi Bridge

This article outlines a route that takes you along Sumida River Walk. On this path, you’ll pass by Sumida Park and Tokyo Mizumachi, ensuring you won’t get bored along the way.

We hope you find this article helpful as you explore Tokyo’s Shitamachi area.

Tour Overview


In this Shitamachi Tour, we’ll walk from Kaminarimon Gate of Sensoji Temple to Tokyo Skytree.

There are several routes connecting Sensoji Temple and Tokyo Skytree, each involving a bridge crossing over the Sumida River.

This article highlights a route using Sumida River Walk, a pedestrian bridge that runs under the tracks of the Tobu Isesaki Line over the Sumida River.

Additionally, we’ll guide you to recommended photo spots for Tokyo Skytree, ensuring an enjoyable journey.

Recommended For

This self-guided tour is ideal if you:

  • Want to visit Tokyo Skytree after enjoying Sensoji Temple and Asakusa Shrine.
  • Want to take great photos of Tokyo Skytree.
  • Want to explore more of Tokyo’s Shitamachi area beyond Asakusa.


  • Approximately 30 minutes.

Starting Point & Ending Point

  • Starting Point: Kaminarimon Gate of Sensoji Temple
  • Ending Point: Tokyo Skytree

The Route

  1. Kaminarimon Gate of Sensoji Temple
  2. Asakusa Station on the Tobu Isesaki Line (also known as the Tobu Skytree Line)
  3. Azuma-bashi Bridge
  4. Sumida River Terrace
  5. Sumida River Walk
  6. Tokyo Mizumachi
  7. Sumida Park
  8. Ushijima Shrine
  9. Kome-Ushijima-dori Street
  10. Tokyo Skytree Station North Intersection
  11. Tokyo Skytree Station on the Tobu Isesaki Line
  12. Tokyo Skytree

Restroom Locations

  • Sensoji Temple
  • Nakamise Shopping Street
  • Asakusa Culture Tourist Information Center
  • Azuma-bashi Bridge
  • Sumida River Walk’s Sumida City Side Exit
  • Sumida Park
  • Tokyo Skytree
  • etc.

Tour Details

Kaminarimon Gate

Our starting point for this tour is Kaminarimon Gate of Sensoji Temple.

Kaminarimon Gate is the temple’s first gate and one of Tokyo’s iconic landmarks. It’s a popular spot for tourists to take photos, symbolizing Sensoji Temple.

According to Sensoji Temple records, Kaminarimon Gate has been rebuilt several times due to fires. Although the exact date of its construction remains uncertain, it’s believed to have been built at the end of the 10th century.

After leaving Kaminarimon Gate, we’ll walk toward Azuma-bashi Bridge via Asakusa Station on the Tobu Isesaki Line. Azumabashi Bridge is to the left direction when facing away from the gate.

It’s not far from the Kaminarimon Gate to Azuma-bashi Bridge, but it’s a busy street, so it takes about 5 minutes to get there.

Asakusa Station on the Tobu Isesaki Line

Just before arriving at Azuma-bashi Bridge, we will pass through Asakusa Station on the Tobu Isesaki Line (also known as the Tobu Skytree Line).

This station is part of a department store called Asakusa Ekimise. The building has an observation deck on the top floor, which is one of the great spots for taking photos of Tokyo Skytree.

Next, we will head toward Azuma-bashi Bridge. With your back to the station, Azuma-bashi Bridge is located across the crosswalk ahead on the left.

Azuma-bashi Bridge

Azuma-bashi Bridge spans the Sumida River, connecting Taito City and Sumida City. This bridge is an excellent spot to take photos of Tokyo Skytree.

From the Taito City side of the bridge, you can see Tokyo Skytree, the beer mug-shaped Asahi Beer HQ building, the Asahi Flame (a gigantic golden object), and the Sumida City Office building.

Let’s go down to the Sumida River Terrace using the steps next to the bridge. The Sumida River Terrace is a pedestrian-only promenade on both sides of the Sumida River. It’s paved and has no steps, making it accessible for everyone.

The Sumida River Terrace

Walk along the Sumida River Terrace, heading upstream along the Sumida River.

At the Sumida River Terrace, you can take photos of Tokyo Skytree with a water bus or houseboat in the foreground. You can also capture Tokyo Skytree reflected in the Asahi Beer HQ Building.

The Sumida River (Taito City)
The Sumida River (Taito City)

Sumida River Walk

Sumida River Walk is located just a few minutes from the Azuma-bashi Bridge. It is a pedestrian-only promenade that runs under the tracks of the Tobu Isesaki Line (also known as the Tobu Skytree Line).

If you are heading to Sumida Park from the Asakusa area, Sumida River Walk is the most convenient route. It is open from 7:00 am to 10:00 pm.

As you walk under Sumida River Walk, you will see stairs on the left. Climb these stairs to reach the entrance to Sumida River Walk.

During the Christmas season, you can enjoy winter illuminations along Sumida River Walk.

Tokyo Mizumachi

After crossing Sumida River Walk, you will see Sumida Park in front of you. To the right of the park is Tokyo Mizumachi, a commercial facility located under the elevated Tobu Isesaki Line.

Adjacent to Tokyo Mizumachi are the Kitajikken River and Makura-bashi Bridge, another great spot for taking photos of Tokyo Skytree. You can capture stunning images of Tokyo Skytree reflected on the river’s surface.

Sumida City Sumida Park

Sumida City Sumida Park spans approximately 80,000 square meters and offers fantastic views of Tokyo Skytree.

Within the park, you’ll find a Japanese garden featuring Hyotan Pond. It’s a great spot to take photos of Tokyo Skytree reflected on the pond’s surface.

After enjoying the park, head to Ushijima Shrine. With your back to the Tokyo Mizumachi building, go forward to the right.

Ushijima Shrine

Ushijima Shrine is well-known for its deep connection with cows, featuring many cow-related statues such as Nadeushi and Komaushi within its precincts.

In front of the main shrine building stands the unique “Miwa Torii” gate, which is a traditional torii flanked by two smaller torii gates. This distinctive structure is a must-see.

At Ushijima Shrine, you can capture photos of the komainu (guardian lion-dogs) with Tokyo Skytree in the background. However, this is best done during the winter season when the ginkgo leaves do not obscure the view of Tokyo Skytree.

Kome-Ushijima-Dori Street

After visiting Ushijima Shrine, head to Kome-Ushijima-Dori Street. Standing with your back to the torii gate in front of Ushijima Shrine, Kome-Ushijima-Dori Street will be to your left.

Kome-Ushijima-Dori Street is an alley that runs from Sumida Park to Tokyo Skytree. From this alley, you can see Tokyo Skytree directly ahead. The entire alley provides excellent photo opportunities of Tokyo Skytree.

Tokyo Skytree Station North Intersection

After passing through Kome-Ushijima-Dori Street, you will reach the Tokyo Skytree Station North Intersection. From here, Tokyo Skytree will be directly in front of you.

Across this intersection is the restaurant “Pepper Lunch.” Walk past this restaurant and head east.

Tokyo Skytree Station

Continue under the Tobu Isesaki Line (also known as the Tobu Skytree Line) overpass to reach Tokyo Skytree Station. This station is the closest one to Tokyo Skytree.

Tokyo Skytree

Tokyo Skytree is located next to Tokyo Skytree Station, where our tour concludes. Thank you for joining us on this journey!

Tokyo Skytree is a broadcasting tower in Sumida City, Tokyo. It’s the tallest building in Japan at 634 meters (2,080 feet). It has two observation decks with amazing city views. There’s also a shopping mall, aquarium, and planetarium, making it a popular spot for tourists.

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